"I've learned that it doesn't pay to fight. Here we get along with people. I respect people more and listen to what they're saying, what they mean and what they’re feeling."

"I'm not the person I was last year. I’ve become more popular with friends. I like meeting you guys. I like finding out about others and what their lives are really like."

"It’s pretty cool here. The group has taught me how to control my anger. I'm better at school now.  The boys in this group are like my bros. I can tell them anything. They support me."

"I’ve learnt a lot. I can deal with bullies now, and my sister when she isn’t nice.  I walk away from fights and I help others control their anger and not just explode when they’re annoyed.  B-Cool has pretty much changed my life."

"I draw what I’m scared of. I tell my brothers and sisters the stories, and they draw what they’re afraid of. I’m doing better in class and at home. I help other boys. I want to be a leader of a school when I grow up."

"The B-Cool Program is an inspiring program for groups of boys who have behavioral difficulties. Boys learn to raise their awareness and understanding of the reasons behind their problems. Using unique methods, B-Cool motivates boys to want to change and enables them to develop skills to live better lives. All schools have boys who could benefit from this life-changing program. I strongly recommend The B-Cool Program."

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Boys are breaking through negative cycles to become the best they can be.

Our young men will take their place alongside young women as our future parents, partners and leaders …are they ready?

Our flagship B-Cool Program started in New Zealand in 2002 in response to:

  • a growing concern about the impact of suppressed emotions in boys and young men
  • the significant disparity between the learning needs of boys and girls, and
  • the potential for serious social cost if these needs are not met.
B-Cool is a self-directed development program that focuses on the unique needs of boys from age seven upwards. Young men learn to cope with the increasingly complex issues they face inside and outside the classroom.

The B-Cool Program works within the whole social circle of young men, their parents, caregivers, teachers and youth supporters.



B-Cool addresses a contemporary code of behavior throughout society that teaches young men how to act and cover up their emotions. Often boys show their social and emotional disconnection through frustration, anger, aggression and violence. The program equips them to unravel this ‘boy code’ which, if not addressed, can lead to conflict, unstable relationships, and poor academic and behavioral performance.

Boys learn to replace fists with words, trauma with talk, frustration with hope and fear with connection. They reach out to each other for support, and inside to the best of their human selves. B-Cool creates the right environment for boys to show amazing leadership potential and fulfill their inherent promise.



DonateThe program is built on decades of substantial research and practical application. It focuses on:

  • Emotional and social intelligence
  • Effective, non-violent communication
  • Positive relationships and values
  • Appropriate action and authentic leadership
  • The B-Cool Award for creating positive change
Through a blend of inquiry, listening and learning processes, boys learn to talk about their feelings and their lives. We supply healthy doses of boyhood basics such as telling stories of quests and heroic characters, giving boys a template for overcoming obstacles without aggression. Other hands-on tools include physical activities, sport, drumming, drawing and the African talking stick, weaving together educational learning principles with timeless wisdom teachings.



Our one-year intensive in-school program is tailored for primary, secondary or intermediate schools. Special customized programs can also be set up that have proven effective.

For each B-Cool group, the school selects seven boys who are experiencing behavioral, emotional, social or academic difficulties. Groups of this size have proved to be highly effective in building a sense of belonging and connectivity. This brings about positive effects on behavior and resolution of issues. Boys can then become an influence "for good" at school and at home.

Because B-Cool is an in-school program and so appealing, attendance is one hundred per cent. Boys are already at school and do not need to go to a special place. They often want to spend more time with the program after the session is finished.



For 90-minutes each week, a Winder Foundation-trained facilitator works with young men in a B-Cool Boys Circle, providing individual time for each boy, as well as facilitating the needs of the whole group. Boys form lasting relationships and embed lasting changes that can benefit the entire school culture, life at home, on the sports field and in the wider community.

Most educators and youth workers would agree that it’s a challenge to hold the attention of boys for an hour and a half. However, we find that B-Cool boys cannot get enough.  In a confidential and boy-focused environment, they are listened to, can safely express themselves and work through new solutions to their challenges. Every minute is spent in learning new skills.

Boys build “fluency” with consistent learning over time – knowledge and skills that shift thinking, behavior and action toward self-awareness, self-management and self-direction.



  • How to express feelings safely and appropriately
  • Sustainable ways to cope with fear, anxiety and anger
  • How to make and keep agreements
  • Why values, emotional and social intelligence (such as kindness and service) are critical factors inside and outside school
  • Effective participation in the classroom, at home and in the community
  • How to better relate to girls and other boys, friends and family, and teachers and schoolmates
  • How story characters overcome obstacles without physical aggression and how boys can too
  • The importance of peer boy groups
  • How to help others through better listening, empathy and cooperation
  • The strength of their spiritual connections
  • How to become authentic new leaders through positive behavior and actions



Modeled after the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme, The B-Cool Award offers a powerful incentive as boys work hard to learn new, sustainable behaviors in each of the four core B-Cool areas: emotional and social intelligence; effective, non-violent communication; positive values; and authentic leadership. The Award is open to all young men currently enrolled in The B-Cool Program in schools and presents three levels of certification: Bronze, Silver and Gold.



To build strong and harmonious relationships, B-Cool works whenever possible with those in the boys’ wider social connections in school and at home.

Schools and teachers benefit because many of the young men who were once in the thick of school problems are now the boys who take the lead to stop them. There is less negative behavior, less stress on teachers, principals and staff, and an increase in time spent for learning.

Parents, caregivers and communities benefit from enhanced family harmony inside and outside the home.



BCoolThe key significance of B-Cool for boys is the deep and meaningful personal relationships they make – relationships that allow them to be all of who they are – whole, happy and healthy young men growing up in today’s world.


  • Improved listening and empathy for others
  • Greater harmony in the classroom

Emotional and social intelligence (mind and heart coherence)

  • More kindness and cooperation
  • More self-reflection and ability to discern feelings


  • Better interpersonal and social skills
  • Much less verbal and physical aggression


  • Better leadership ability in class, sports and in the community
  • Better classroom focus and academic performance

Boys become the best they can be. Once they learn they can be real, expressive and understood, many go on to become leaders and role models for others. The positive changes they make ripple out to their homes and communities, and can help society reverse the many negative male statistics.

For a printable B-Cool Program for Boys information sheet, click here or e-mail us.

DonateDonations to the B-Cool Program go directly to boys’ education and development programs and resources needed for schools and parents. We see the outcomes of troubled young men every day in the news. You can help change that situation. B-Cool has had tremendous success with hundreds of boys in dozens of New Zealand schools.

For only $1500 you can help sponsor one boy – which is less than a $5 cup of coffee a day. The benefit to society comes many times over in raising healthy and happy young men. Can you help boys to develop critical and positive emotional, social and life skills? All donations, large or small, are welcome.