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REACHING full Potential

We all carry seeds of greatness and potential. Yet in today’s world, many are left behind, caught in a tangle of fallout from a world out of balance. Social injustice, financial hardship and environmental damage can translate into immediate problems that present great hurdles for our young people. The lack of effective education, a deficiency of material resources, inequality, poverty, violence, family breakdown and neglect are among grave issues facing our youth.

Many boys, in particular, struggle in our society, over-represented by social, emotional and educational challenges.

Our desire for a better world rests in each of us making our unique contribution. Our mission is to support those who are ready to shift challenging life patterns into powerful new stories. Our work encourages people to establish strong learning communities and find opportunities to transform their current situations, discover their own solutions and create their own breakthroughs.

Our practical and pioneering programs help young men and families face the future with strength, wisdom and resilience. Our work is based on a whole-systems view, incorporating every aspect necessary to encourage positive change and realize true potential.

All Winder Foundation initiatives respond to the world’s urgent need for engaged learners and authentic leaders with the strength and skills to sustain us, our planet and future generations.

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Circle of Children latest news

JUNE 2014: Honoring Harold McIsaac

It is with great sadness that we honor the passing of our dear friend and sponsor Harold McIsaac.

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Boys are breaking through challenges to become the

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OUR VISION OF GROWING YOUNG PEOPLE INTO GREATNESS: Our work at the Winder Foundation helps young people grow into their greatness, especially the many boys who get left behind as they struggle with learning and life. When we all bring forward our wisdom and worth, we can create the full promise of a positive future - our children happy, our families strong and our world healthy.